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"Tim Buisman has a way of making something simple look amazing"


 This  quote as well as similar ones are comments I often hear about my  Rochester, NY photos. I want my photos to be creative so that they  engage the audience. This can be done with lighting, the angle, the  subject. I want the audience to pause and think about what they are  seeing. To me photography is an art as well as a science depending on  how you capture your images.  

A landscape photographer who does weddings


 This  description was somewhat recently pointed out to me, and it fits  perfectly. What I enjoy most is taking images for fine art prints, but I  will do the occasional wedding, portrait session, real estate, or  business promotion. I will do these jobs with just as much enthusiasm,  but it does change the way that I approach them. I am there to take  genuinely good photos, and deliver to my customer what they have asked  for. I am not set in my ways, I'm not going to tell you that you have to  do it this way.  

New apprentice!


 Tim  Buisman Photography has a new apprentice! Marnie has come out from just  doing the website and occasional edit to also assist with photo shoots  and weddings. It's a good combination as the two of us have very  different post styles with our photos. What does this mean for you? You  can now select a "Platinum" package for your wedding that offers two  photographers for your event. 

Tim Buisman



My  passion for astronomy and the media are the two things that brought me  to photography. I have a degree in visual communications and  photography, and I am pursuing it as my career actively. For the moment I  do also have a full time job in an unrelated field that prevents me  from being available Monday- Friday unless an appointment is made. 

One  thing I should make clear: I am not a sales person. I pursue  photography because I love it, and I want to share it with people. If  you would like to ask me any questions please do, and I will strive to  give you a simple and honest answer. 

I  have helped local businesses in Rochester, NY through professional  photography services for their websites. I have worked events around the  area ranging from MCC events to live band performances to Park Ave  festivals. 

I  am still gaining experience, but I also am pursuing a field where that  will always be true. With technology changing there will always be room  to learn and grow. 

Marnie Mangano



Hi!  I'm Marnie. I'm the person who has always been behind the scenes of Tim  Buisman Photography doing the website, marketing, paperwork, and  occasionally editing photos. 

I'm  now stepping out from behind the computer to become an apprentice  photographer. The thing that has brought me to photography is Tim.  Watching him fill with love and passion every time he's working on his  art is very inspiring. 

I  have always pursued graphic and web design in my spare time, and enjoy  working with Adobe Photoshop (I love the new monthly plans). My editing  style is much less realistic than Tim's, and I try to have a bit more  fun with it. If you select a package where I help or not chances are a  few of my edits will sneak into the finished products. 

I  also have a full time job which makes me unavailable Monday-Friday  8am-6pm. I'm working on building my portfolio, and would love to get in  touch with local talent to increase my experience.

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